Small cattery specializing in Charcoals

My name is Ali and I have just made a referesh in my breeding program. From breeding various colors, I will only be focusing on breeding beautiful charcoal Bengals in different colors. I have also introduced new stricter healt plans, and will make sure that I have healthy lines. I will be working togheter with the lovely Emelie from Bowspots, who is my inspiration, and togheter we will aim to achieve some new milestones and goals.

I will later this year transfer my cattery to TICA - The International Cat Association for more collabs with international partners and set my mind to go for a few but bigger exhibitions to collect a new sight about the TICA standards. I think that will be exciting, and I can't wait to work harder and be goal oriented to reach my target. 

I will also participate in issues regarding the bengal and work for a safer and more solid breed in general.